Bicycle tour of Rannarootsi

An excellent bicycle tour along the paths of Noarootsi.
A trip lasts about 5 hours and is 5 km long. Come and enjoy the nature, explore the culture of the folk in Rannarootsi, have a meal, and find both physical and spiritual relaxation.

A route takes cyclists through the villages of Österby, Pürksi, Saare, Hosby and Paslepa.

The trip begins in the Baltic Hotel Promenade in Haapsalu; from there, steamboat Kallis Mari takes the hikers and their bikes across the bay to Österby harbour.

Group price €120 is for a group of 1–6 people (the maximum size of the group is 10 people).
Each additional spot costs €20.
Guided tour for 1–6 people is €145.
Each additional spot is €24 (maximum number of people is 9).

If you wish, we can provide free bicycles!

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Holmi tänav, 14