Bicycle Tours on the Island of Vormsi

You can discover the island of Vormsi with a knowledgeable guide. The bicycle tour routes for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts vary in length, and two-day trips can be organised. The tours start and end at Sviby Harbour.
Sviby- Hullo- Håkabaka- Suuremõisa- Sviby 14 km. Duration: 5 hours, emphasis on culture.
Sviby- Rumpo- Rumpo säär- Hullo- Sviby 16 km. Duration: 5 hours, for nature enthusiasts.

Sviby- Rumpo- Hullo- Håkabaka- Suuremõisa- Huitberg- Borrby- Hullo-Sviby 23 km. Duration 6-7 hours, for nature and culture enthusiasts.
 The price of the tour depends on the size of the group.

Sviby küla, Vormsi vald