Bread and white bread workshop in Nõva Break tourist information café

Nõva Break offers rye bread and sourdough bread workshops upon reservation.
We have studied the exciting craft of bread baking for twelve years. By now, we have baked tens of thousands of loaves and we still do it with great pleasure!
The Nõva Break building can accommodate 5–6 people, but we can come to you with our materials and supplies. You only need a large table and an oven.
The workshop includes a bit of theory and baking with the help of a tutor. We will provide the instructions and the fermentation starter. While the bread is rising, which takes about 1–3 hours, you can hike in Nõva in the woods and by the sea.

Nõva küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Nõva Päästekomando kõrval