Brown Bears, The Elk Mating Game and Bird Migration

Estonia is well known for its rich bird-life. And, with its 700-800 Brown bears, 300 lynxes, and 200 wolves, Estonia also has one of the healthiest big carnivore population in Europe. In addition, 12 000 Elks, Flying Squirrels, thousands of Raccoon dogs, 16 000 Beavers and 1500 Ringed Seals – good reasons to combine a bird and mammal watching tour.In autumn the thousands of staging cranes, geese and ducks are spectacular! Elks are mating, Brown Bears are feeding up before hibernation, Ringed Seals gather in haul-out areas, Wolves would teach their young to hunt.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Lihula maantee