CaravanTreff – a get-together of caravan tourists

On the first weekend of May, the specialty caravan trade fair – CaravanFest 2024 – will take place in Vanamõisa Caravan Park near Tallinn. As part of the caravan fair, on May 2–5, there will also be a large international meetup of caravan tourists called CaravanTreff.

The participants of CaravanTreff enjoy free entrance to the CaravanFest fair and the Vanamõisa Spring Fair, which takes place on the same weekend in the adjacent territory. A band will play dance music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Come and enjoy the pleasant springtime get-together, the fair bustle and entertainment programme and help to introduce the real essence of caravan tourism to the visitors of the fair!

Vanamõisa küla, Saue vald, Vabaõhukeskuse tee 18