Eesti ilu ja võlu. Raivo Tafenau 60!

THE BEAUTY and CHARM OF ESTONIA. Raivo Tafenau 60! Corelli Music continues its 20th anniversary season, celebrating the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 60th birthday of the brilliant Raivo Tafenau with the concert series ‘Romantic Manors’. Together with his musician friends, Tafenau will perform the programme ‘The Beauty and Charm of Estonia’ at the most beautiful manors, offering positive emotions with wonderful Estonian music. Despite endless negative newsfeeds, the musicians are still convinced that Estonia is a good country to live in, because it has the best audience in the world.  ‘Manor Romance’THE BEAUTY and CHARM OF ESTONIA. Raivo Tafenau 60! Saturday, 2 March 2024 at 6 p.m., Puurmani castle, Kursi parish, Jõgeva countySunday, 3 March 2024 at 6 p.m., Kõltsu Manor, Keila parish, Harjumaa RAIVO TAFENAU saxophones, accordionMARIANNE LEIBUR vocals, violinAIN AGAN guitar The programme includes beautiful music from the best works of Estonian jazz – Uno Naissoo, Arne Oit, Riho Sibul, Tõnis Mägi, Valter Ojakäär, and others, as well as original compositions by the musicians. The jubilarian, Raivo Tafenau, gave his first paid concert at the age of 10 on the accordion and is thus celebrating another significant milestone in his life – 50 years on stage. Having performed on stage with guitarist Ain Agan thousands of times and travelled the world, an almost perfect synergy has developed between the men, meaning that they listen to and complement each other. They will be joined by the very talented and highly musical singer Marianne Leibur, with whom they will seek out the best of Estonian music and showcase all of this often forgotten beauty with playful ease. Of course, there will also be original compositions. Raivo Tafenau: ‘In addition to saxophones and guitar, the audience will also see accordion and violin on the stage. Audiences can enjoy new and interesting arrangements and the funny incidents that have happened in the musicians’ lives. Warmth and good energy are guaranteed. Welcome!’ Cosy lounge cafés await you an hour before the start and during the break. Enjoy the style and elegance of times gone by!The length of the concert including the intermission is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Organiser: Corelli ***************************************************************TICKETS: Puurmani castle 20/*15 euros, Kõltsu Manor 25/*20 eurosAt Piletilevi, Circle K, and, if possible, at the show, one hour before the start. SUPPORTER TICKETS: 50 euros, 100 euros – they are a great help in organising Corelli concerts and ensure great appreciation from the musicians. *Discounted tickets (limited number): pensioners, students, teachers, disabled persons and their companions, member of the Association of Estonian Professional Musicians Holder of the SERK membership card have a special discount via pre-sales at Piletilevi. See the website for more details. 

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