Fatbike tour to Türisalu cliff

A fatbike is a further development of an off-road bicycle and its most distinctive elements are the oversized tires.

Türisalu cliff is a limestone plateau of about 30 m in height, which offers a wonderful view of the sea and Vääna beach. Fatbikes are perfect for travelling along the border of the sea and the sky as the oversized tires are meant for conquering difficult landscapes.

The tour starts at the Keila-Joa manor park where we will follow a river until it leads us straight to the beach! We will spend less energy, pass a longer distance, and see much more.
The price includes tour-guide services, a fatbike and a helmet, a reflective vest, and a bike bag. The tour lasts about 3 h and is 12 km long.


Meremõisa küla, Lääne-Harju vald, SUVEAIA