Guided hikes on the Metsanurme-Üksnurme hiking trail

We offer hikes with different themes and lengths:
- hike to Rännaku farm and the holy oak grove (2 km, 1 hour);
- 'Come to the Forest', a classical hike introducing historical and nature objects (9 km, 3 hours);
- forest adventure with activities (a simple treasure hunt, a nature game, 5 or 9 km);
- 'Senses in the Forest', during which we will experience and learn about the six human senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance).

The hike starts at Metsanurme village house and includes tea and a light snack.
You can find the information and pricelist for the hiking packages here.

Metsanurme küla, Saku vald, VANA-REHEMETSA