Kanuu.ee canoe trip on River Keila

During the trip, we might see the kingfisher and some beavers. We will, for sure, see signs of the beavers' activity and their nest. It is possible to visit the Harju County Museum as well. 

The minimum number of participants is 2 and the price includes:
- a canoe trip on River Keila (20 km from Tallinn);
- a light meal in the middle of the trip.
The trip is, based on your wishes, 7–20 km long and lasts for 2–6 hours.
Transportation to the place where the hike begins is not included in the price and people with cars will be taken back there once the trip ends.
We use 3-people canoes which are also easily manoeuvred by two people.
If you wish, it is possible to combine canoes and rafts, but you should inform us of it beforehand.


Koppelmaa küla, Saue vald, SILLAOTSA KÕRTS