Kanuu.ee forest camp for a group

Have you stayed the night in a forest in the middle of the trees?
Listened to the voices of the night and wondered who might these animals be?
Sat by the campfire and listened to stories?
When hiking, it is not necessary to find accommodation first – we can arrange a warm room to anywhere we like in Estonia.
We use army tents in the camp. Depending on the season, we can spice up the camp with a visit to an ice hole or a sauna, a hike on snowshoes or skis, a ride in a ZIL truck, canoes, or rafts...

The camp includes the tents, a sauna bus, light, firewood, a generator, camp-beds and mattresses, heating in the night, and, if possible, an ice hole.


Üksnurme küla, Saku vald, OKASTIKU