Metsanurme Village Centre and Museum of Local History

Metsanurme Village Centre is located on the lands of Rehemetsa, the oldest farm in the area.
The restored old threshing barn is also worthy of the ’museum’ title. In it, in addition to a limestone barn oven, several old-fashioned farm tools can be seen. In the yard, there is an outdoor exhibition about historical agricultural tools. Additionally, exhibits which could also be included in the museum can be found elsewhere in the village, for example in Rännaku farm and on the local hiking trail. Our goal is to preserve the old and the authentic in a form that would be attractive for both locals and visitors.
The Metsanurme village society has published a book on the area’s history: Üksnurme Manor and the local villages (A. and Ü. Sirp, 2005).

Metsanurme küla, Saku vald, VANA-REHEMETSA