Come and take part in the fifth international family festival MotoNostalgia.
MotoNostalgia 2020 takes place near Tallinn (Estonia), in LaitseRallyPark on Sunday, July 19th.
A magnificent amount of various old-timer motorcycles and other antique vehicles will be rolling to the festival from many different countries. At the traditional antiques fair, traders from Estonia and many neighbouring countries can be seen. The fair, which will take place on a tarmac covered court, is popular among traders and buyers as almost every MotoNostalgia festival visitor will find something intriguing from the selection on offer.
During the day, you can witness various demonstration rides where high speed and a lot of excitement can be seen.
A go-kart race track is open at LaitseRallyPark and also a Games House for children with a valued Traffic Town.
All participants, who arrive with a motorcycle older than 35 years, or with a bike manufactured in the USSR (without an age restriction), have access to the LaitseRallyPark exhibition area.
Pre-registered participants can take part in the retro race, taking place on the 2 300 m long LaitseRallyPark racetrack, of which 800 meters are covered in asphalt and the rest of the 1 500 m is gravel. Valuable prizes for the fastest contestants.
In the old-timer motorcycle retro race, up to 90 classic motorcycles will be racing in 9 different categories. Best contestants have a chance to win respectable prizes. 2000 - 3500 visitors take part from the MotoNostalgia festival every year, more than 200 - 300 old-timer motorcycles, of which about 100 vehicles will take part from the race.
Entrance is free for those who only wish to visit the fair.

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