Murru Prison audio guide

A prison that refuses to close.

Approximately 1,500 prisoners lived in these so-called dormitory houses. The prison was built for Rummu's limestone and Vasalemma's marble, which were mined by the prisoners, in 1938. Additionally, the prison had a work zone (wood and metal industry). The institution was officially closed in 2012 and is now open for visitors, who can use either a guide or an audio guide to see the barracks, the rooms for short time meetings, the shop, the sports facility, and the living areas.

You can use your smart device as the audio guide device, and it's recommended to download the NaviCup app to your smartphone beforehand. A smart device can also be rented on site.

Rummu alevik, Lääne-Harju vald, Haapsalu maantee 13