Must Mesi in Vana Vaksal

Must Mesi is a soul music show on Raadio2, which plays soul, funk, rare groove, R&B, disco and hip-hop music. Must Mesi's music is chosen by Heidy Purga. Additional information about events and parties can be found on Must Mesi's Facebook page, and music can be listened to on Heidy Purga's Soundcloud.
Bert Prikenfeld aka Bert on Beats is a legendary figure in the Estonian music scene: audiences have been dancing to his beats for over 20 years. Bert on Beats aka Bert Prikenfeld has been making music for a long time under the name of DJ Critikal and to those who listened to rap in the 90's and 00's, he's more associated with the legendary hip-hop group A-Rühm.
On the stage is the always brilliant singer / bass guitarist James Werts!

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