Nõva Church

Olev’s Church in Nõva originating from the 18th century is a cosy wooden beach-chapel-style church. The unique parchment images on its windows look like real stained glass at first glance. It is one of the few wooden churches preserved in Estonia, and also one of the smallest, measuring at only 13.6 x 7.1 metres.
When walking around in the churchyard, take a closer look at the iron crosses there. The crosses made by local blacksmiths are all unique – even the landlady von Ungern-Sternberg of Nõva Manor made herself her own cross. Interesting facts: When inside, take a look at the benches – benches for men and women have a different design. On top of the roof, there is a figure of a rooster. The organ was built by G.Terkmann.


Nõva küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, OLAVI