Hikes on Osmussaar Island

Osmussaar (Odensholm) is full of mystery and surprises. Its peculiar coastline is 14 km long and very photogenic on the north side: there is a beautiful limestone bluff, the island has more than 14 species of Orchidaceae, many birds, several military objects, and much more – something for everyone.
The purpose of the hike is to enjoy the beautiful nature, the limestone bluff, the military objects, and the lighthouse. Optional short photo course.
The hike lasts 1–3 days and includes catering. We will meet in Dirham harbour.
We will spend the nights in a tent or house.
The exact price depends on the length of the hike and whether we will stay in tents or in the house.
The minimum group size is five people.


Dirhami küla / Derhamn, Lääne-Nigula vald, DIRHAMI SADAM