Pleasure trips in Haapsalu on board sailboat Meeri

Sailboat Meeri can take up to eight passangers on board. 

You can choose the length of the trip; usually, a trip lasts two to three hours, and this includes a swim.
When there is more time, we can sail to Vormsi or Rohuküla for ice cream or go for a spin around Hobulaid Island.
Ask for more information about our 'Sail to Vormsi Island' packages!

In order to visit more distant places, such as Heltermaa, Kärdla, Roograhu, Dirhami, Virtsu, Kuivastu, Sõru, or Orjaku harbours, you should set aside an entire day.
You can also go on a one-way trip.
You can bring your own food and drink, tableware is available on the yacht.

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