Port of Dirhami

Port of Dirhami is a Baltic sea port in Northwestern Estonia that is open to visitors 24/7. During summer, Dirhami is an attractive port for yachts; during winter, it is a busy fishing and commercial port.
The main dock is 330 m and the float dock is 50 m long. The port is suitable for yachts with a maximum length of 110 metres and a draft of up to 4.2 metres. 
Radio call sign is ‘Port Dirhami’, VHF channels 10 and 16.
Dirhami is a lovely holiday spot and relaxing during any season. In the immediate vicinity of the port, you are going to find a guesthouse with 8 double rooms and a 200 m2 party and conference hall. The fish café and Osmussaare tours are local attractions.

State Port Register


Dirhami küla / Derhamn, Lääne-Nigula vald