Urdasoo primeval nature trip along the trail of Fates

This trip is for all enthusiasts of virgin nature, pre-historic times and mythology!

The start and finish of the hike is in Vidruka, Lääne County. It is a trip to a fairytale land where the unusual lady's-slipper orchids with golden petals bloom – a rare variation in the entire world.
The most important keywords of the hike are mysterious bed of rocks, mystical gigantic aspens and a magical wooded meadow with crooked oaks. We will sing archaic runic songs accompanied by a zither and merge with the past through ancient rhythms, building a bridge to our ancestors.

The price includes a strengthening cup of tea and tour guide services (2 guides), as well as runic singing accompanied by a zither.


Vidruka küla, Lääne-Nigula vald