Vastuvoolu: Vürst André Volkonsky – 90

The concert pays tribute to dissidents, to those who have dared to swim upstream. The Russian state regime – especially relevant in the current circumstances – has given birth to a large number of freethinkers, several of whom have also been connected to Estonia. The concert is dedicated to composer prince André Volkonsky, the father of Estonian musician, actor and director Peeter Volkonski, who in addition to composing was an outstanding harpsichord player and connoisseur of early music. The audience has an extraordinary opportunity to become a part of Volkonsky’s musical heritage as well as his thoughts on music, presented by his son Peeter Volkonski. The main performer of the evening is world-famous pianist Alexei Lubimov, currently residing in France, who has been forced to leave his homeland years ago. The works of like-minded contemporaries Arvo Pärt and Valentyn Sylvestrov, included in the program, also fit exceptionally well into dissident context.


Keila-Joa alevik, Lääne-Harju vald, Pargi allee 5