In the romantic town of Haapsalu and the little villages that are dotted about the county you’ll receive a warm welcome from the locals, who’ll surprise you for their sincerity and their interest in history and culture. Visitors to the region are long remembered with gratitude and respect.

 You can come and stroll along its romantic streets, lined with quaint wooden houses, in parts of the town that were once the stomping ground of a little girl called Ilon – who would grow up to become world-famous artist Ilon Wikland – or admire the play of the sun’s rays on the town’s promenade just as composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky did in his day. And if you happen to pass the castle on bright August nights under the light of the full moon you might even spy the legendary White Lady!


For the last 150 or so years Haapsalu has been highly valued as a resort. Cultural figures and the crowned heads of a number of neighbouring countries have visited it to bathe in its famous mud.


The calendar of events taking place in Lääne County is full to overflowing. During the high season, in summer, there’s so much to choose from in Haapsalu that it’s almost a lucky dip! Venues all over the town play host to world-class jazz and folk music concerts.