Laulasmaa – Estonian Composers’ Favourite Spot

Laulasmaa is located only a 30-minute drive from Tallinn and has gotten it’s name for its famous ’’singing sands’’. It is also Estonian composers’ favourite spots. There is Heliküla (the Sound Village) which was founded by Estonian composers by the lead of Villem Reimann. One of the first ones there was Heino Eller. Thanks to him many ohter composers soon discovered the place too. Today the famous Arvo Pärt Centre is also located here.

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Arvo Pärt Centre

The goal of Arvo Pärt Centre is to preserve and explore the creative heritage of the composer in Estonia – his home country. The building includes a personal archive, a library, a 150-seat auditorium, an exhibition hall, a video room, and classrooms. Workshops and concerts are organised there as well. The guided tour is a good way to explore Arvo Pärt’s manuscripts or listen to his music.

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Allikas: Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa
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LaSpa Laulasmaa

LaSpa is located on Lahepere Bay, directly next to the hotel’s private sandy beach. It offers a wellness spa with several pools, 6 saunas a hot Japanese bath and heated lounge chairs. Enjoy walking on the beach or in the forest. Take a swim in the Baltic sea, go jogging or biking. See the sunset over the horizon. Build your muscles in the gym or play a game of pool or disc golf. Go golfing. Windsurfing. Stand up paddling. Enjoy Angelica´s Udekülls amazing food. 

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Source: Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa

Active Holiday

Scenic landscapes, deep pineforests and the sandy coast offer diverse opportunities for and active holiday – jogging, biking, nordic walking etc. Here flows the Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail and starts and ends the Laulasmaa-Lohusalu hiking trail (7 km). At the beach operates a Surf School and nearby is also a discgolf park.

Laulasmaa Beach

The Laulasmaa beach right by the Lahepere Bay isa a popular summer destination for many. The white singing sands, ball courts and a summer bar make it a favourite for many.