Noarootsi and Nõva

Noarootsi and Nõva  are a great destination for those who are seeking for truly pristine nature. Coastal Swedes inhabited these western Estonian areas for hundreds of years, leaving behind a wealth of history and traditions.

Home to Estonia’s oldest and smallest wooden church, Nõva borders three nature reserve areas, a safe haven for local flora and fauna. The nearby Noarootsi peninsula draws in visitors for its beautiful sandy beach, pine tree forest and is considered one of the best places for birdwatching in Estonia.

Located north of the coastal town of Haapsalu, Nõva and Noarootsi are equally great places for sailing, kayaking, wind surfing and touring on the ice roads during the winter. In addition to the centuries-old Swedish heritage, you’ll also find traces of more recent Soviet military history in Noarootsi.

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Peraküla beach 

This beautiful countryside, largely untouched by civilization and surrounded by sparse settlement, is alluring to nature enthusiasts, who are able to visit the nearby forest to forage blueberries, cowberries and mushrooms. The Nõva coastal area is also enchanting to those interested in enjoying a beach setting and getting a little surfing in. The sandy beach of Peraküla offers close to a dozen kilometres of pure singing sand.

Good to know: There are no lifeguards at this beach, and RMK Peraküla has a camping area with campfire sites and outhouses, as well as having a 200 capacity car park at Peraküla beach.


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Roosta Holiday Village 

Successful seminars and conferences, relaxing vacations and unforgettable adventures all take place here, because we know how to make your dreams come true. The beautiful nature of Läänemaa stimulates your senses and the comfortable holiday houses provide cosy accommodation all year round. You are always welcome at the Roosta Holiday Village, the meeting place of good thoughts! 

The holiday village offers many activities from gastronomic experiences to mini-golf, bowling and climbing at the adventure park!

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Osmussaar is situated approximately 7 kilometres from the Port of Dirham in the Osmussaar Landscape Protection Area and its area is approximately 4.8 km2. Before World War II, 130 people lived on the island, but they were all evacuated in 1940. Until 1992, there was a Soviet military base on the island. The island has been inhabited again since 2001. The family living on the island grows sheep. The sights of the island are the ruins of the stone chapel built in 1766, the lighthouse built in 1954 (the lighthouse built in 1765 was destroyed in 1941), the limestone bluff and coastal banks.

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Noarootsi Saunaralli

Traditional Noarootsi Sauna Rally aims to bring visitors to Noarootsi from near and far to introduce them the Noarootsi region and the local companies. We will heat up a lot of saunas – among others, a smoke sauna and various mobile saunas. Participants can go for a swim in ice-cold water and test their knowledge on the history of Noarootsi.
Caterers offer the opportunity to try the local dishes to participants as well as spectators.

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