Kanuu.ee family trip in a safe 4-person canoe on River Keila

We offer hikes with canoes which, instead of the traditional two or three persons, seat up to four persons. The canoes are longer and wider, which is why the whole family or all of your friends can fit in it. The four-person seat in the canoe is filled with air, which makes the canoe unsinkable and provides good rigidity and buoyancy. Thanks to these properties, the new canoes are extremely safe for hiking with small children. The carrying capacity is 500 kg, so one canoe can fit up to 4 adults as well.
The programme includes a canoe trip on River Keila and a meal in the middle of the trip.
The trips can be organised on other rivers as well. 


Koppelmaa küla, Saue vald, SILLAOTSA KÕRTS