Nature trail in Keila-Joa Park

The 3 km long nature trail in Keila-Joa Park runs along the banks of the Keila River and through the Keila-Joa Park, where there are a number of stairs and suspension bridges.

There is an information board with a map and general information at the beginning of the trail, and 8 information points on the trail introducing the most important natural objects and the park's history. 
Make sure to check out Mati Karmin's sculpture of hearts, which newlyweds attach their wedding padlocks to. At the beginning of the trail, there is a car park.

The trail is also suitable for families with children. The renovated stairs will not cause any trouble for our younger visitors, as they can easily climb them by holding onto their parents' hands. Additionally, there are a number of benches on the trail, which are perfect for resting your feet or stopping for a refreshing drink.

Keila-Joa alevik, Lääne-Harju vald, Vesiveski tee